Ciao Milan! Fly to Italy in Rs.19,800/- from Kochi, India

Milan is elegance in sophistication!

Internationally accepted arbiter of taste in fashion and design, Milan is a seething metropolis.  The grand Gothic cathedral, the Duomo, lies at the geographical heart of this one-time Imperial Roman capital, and expresses the love of beauty and power that still drives the city today.

Art collections old and new, unparalleled shopping, one of Europe’s biggest trade-fair complexes, sparkling nightlife, the prestige of opera at La Scala, the mark of Leonardo da Vinci’s genius, a religious addiction to calcio (football), and endless opportunities to eat the best of Lombard and Italian food make Milan much more than the puritanically work-obsessed city it is often portrayed as.


11th Feb 2017

12th Feb 2017

13th Feb 2017


Travel Route:

 kochi to milan

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Things to do in Milan:

Check out the GetYourGuide for more info on what to do in Milan


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