Cologne, Koeln

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Cologne is one of the biggest city of Nord Rhine Westfalen region of Germany, One of the mail landmark here is the Colner Dom . Main cathedral is situated very close tot he train station and the seat for the arch bishop of Cologne. Cologne university is also an inspiring place to visit, it is one of the oldest and most renowned university in Europe. Don’t forget to indulge in the night life it is one of the best in this area, you will many casual clubs with typical Kölsh beer. Be-careful and don’t ask for alt beer which is famous from Dusseldorf. There is an old rivalry because of their beer and football.

Dusseldorf is a very modern city with people from many counties and cultures living here. You will find multiple places for interest in the city, like the Media harbor, Altstad (old town) and the famous Rhine opera. Keep an eye on the architecture in the media harbor , thy are very fascinating and much ahead of their times.


Main image credit: Von Thomas Robbin – Thomas Robbin, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Travel dates:

Dusseldorf: 24th may to 9th June 2018

Cologne: 8th Sep to 8th Dec 2017


Travel route:

Delhi to cologne


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Things to do in Cologne and Dusseldorf:

Check the link for the local activity Düsseldorf   Cologne