Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is where you should answer the most common questions prospective customers might have. It’s a good idea to cover things like your return policy, product warranty info, shipping and returns, etc. Check out the examples below.

Why this blog?

We are also travellers and collectively the team has travelled to many destinations around the world, we have done multiple trips together in Europe and Asia. Everywhere you go there are 100’s of travel website but finding a nice bargain price for your holiday is not very easy. A lot of advertising noise from new and newer online travel companies, so we thought of sharing our findings with everyone.

Who is working for triperror?

At triperror, we are a team of travel bloggers, we have gained experience from past search and became short of flight expert for searching deals on flight and travel experts. We are basically “Digital labourer” as we mostly discover these deals via manual searching different website with some tips. And yes it takes lot of time to find exceptional travel deals.

Where we get the deals from?

Our search varies from very broad-based flight hunt to various package tours and hotel properties from countless of online website and travel related search engine. We put lot of focus in assessing each deal before posting, we want to make sure that not just the pricing but also the quality of holiday will be nice and meets our expectations. As it is a recommendation we only want to suggest the trips we would also be happy in booking it.

Can we really book these offer?

Our deals and post are real at least at the time of posting, we also try to publish the screen grab from certain website to make sure we give you adequate same dates seen by us. But you will also need to act quickly as it may not last for long. We all know these offers are made by airline to get certain quota after that is fulfilled they might end the bargain price.

How do we get these bargain prices?

The rates are always available online, it’s just no one has the time to do research for these prices and book them. We humans only search for something when needed but if you get some unbelievable deals then check it out. It might not be according to your planned dates but if it a bargain we advise you to go for it and share your experience. Most flight deals are like last minute offers from the airline company. Sometimes we also find extremely low prices from a certain airline, may due to some errors in the vast airline booking system. We call them error fares and these can be gone within no time.