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Truly Asia Malaysia! Bhubaneswar to Kuala Lumpur (Round Trip) just at ₹14k and 5* hotel just at ₹2.5k – 20+ different dates

For such a frenetic city, Kuala Lumpur has an uncanny way of charming its visitors. Of course, the food helps the sheer variety of delicious dining options that reflect the very best of Malaysian cuisine. But it’s more than that. It’s the way the city has embraced modernity with its towering skyscrapers and technological connectivity, all the while retaining a deeply entrenched adherence to the traditional customs and religions of its residents. Beyond the traffic and malls lies a complex cultural patchwork formed of distinct, coexisting communities, united by the warm welcome they extend to guests. Explore Malaysia-Truly Asia.

This is mainly an exciting hotel deal, so you will find all the sample dates for the hotel and you can club it with a flight accordingly. You can always find more flight deals on our website or follow our page for latest update so you are aware of newest deals.


Travel dates:

01/02/2019 to 06/02/2019

Travel route:

Booking link:

Mind it that these deals are for next Year from January so you have enough time to plan your stay in Kualalampur, You will also want to check some nearby island nations, most of the nearby nation should be easily accessible with local transport, but you might want to check and get your bookings on time. The hotel mentioned below is a known five-star property in that area and it a dream for a lot of people to stay there.




Example dates for Hotel booking:
3rd-7th Jan
6th-10th Jan
9th-13th Jan
12th-16th Jan
15th-19th Jan
18th-22nd Jan
21st-25th Jan
24th-28th Jan
27th-31st Jan
30th Jan – 3rd Feb
2nd-6th Feb
5th-9th Feb
8th-12th Feb
11th-15th Feb
14th-18th Feb
17th-21st Feb
20th-24th Feb
23rd-27th Feb
26th Feb – 2nd Mar
1st-5th Mar
4th-8th Mar
7th-11th Mar
10th-14th Mar
13th-17th Mar
16th-20th Mar


Things to do in Kula Lumpur:

You can visit Batu Caves, KLCC Park and most famous Petronas Twin Towers and many more.