New Delhi - Romania

From New Delhi to the land of Dracula (Romania) from Rs. 25,236.

Grab this opportunity and fly with one of the best Airline companies in the world (Qatar Airways) all the way to Romania and back for only Rs. 25,236.

Romania is a country of apparent contradictions. Great medieval squares, castles, full of art and magnificent palaces show great cultural asset of the country. On the other hand, modest houses on the countryside and harnesses on poorly maintained roads show different story. Romania is a land of castles. If you’re not in love with castles, they will certainly grow to your heart in Romania. Thus, fairytale castles you will not see anywhere else. It is no coincidence that Romania also belongs to Dracula. The Irish writer Bram Stroker created the character of Dracula. He got the inspiration from the bloodthirsty Romanian Prince Vlad Țepeș, who lived in Transylvania in the 15th century. Of course, Dracula became world famous only after the Universal Pictures in the 30s of the last century when they recorded the first movie about Dracula.

Travel dates:

1st of March to 7th of March = Rs. 25,236.

1st of March to 8th of March = Rs. 25,236.

2nd of March to 13th of March = Rs. 25,236.

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Things to do in Romania:

Check the details from GetYourGuide – Romania.

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