Nordic Dream! Return Flights for Stockholm for Rs 12,046.

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Tip: We are sure you cannot have 14 nights in the same city, Its very easy to travel between all the Nordic countries. You can cheap bus travel to other capitals nearby. Hamburg from Germany is also not far from her, if you wish to visit the mainland of Europe.


Stockholm the Swedish capital, made up of more than 14 Islands and 50 bridges making it the grand archipelago in the Baltic sea. You will be lost in the history while visiting  its museum, telling 700 years old stories. And don’t forget to walk around the old town also known as Gamla stan , which is paved with cobblestone along with old and beautiful buildings, Gothic church and the royal palaces. Island with the capital is also known to the tourist as the more pictures squares, so get ready with your SLR’s.

Travel date example:

8th February to 22nd February 2017.

Travel route:

Jaipur to stockholm


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Acco hostel for Rs. 30,444. Stockholm

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